‘Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world’ Rumi

Yesterday, we were at my nephew’s wedding & a small, 11 month old, baby girl reached from her Mother’s arms to Ina’s bright necklace. I watched as her bright blue eyes focused & then the hands & arms stretched out to discover something new, something out there.

When the Mother offered the young one to Ina, the baby quickly reached back to wrap her arms around her Mother’s neck. Trust!

My thoughts wandered to another relative, a niece, who is entering her teens & finding herself. The separation begins. All of us found our ‘self’ at one point or another. We developed that distinct idea of who we are & saw the differences between our ‘self image’ & others.

In that action we lost the unity that we all share.

We no longer trusted the underlying oneness of the ‘unseen’ as Rumi puts it.

As the 11 month old begins to realize the outer edges of her own body, the mind will create the physical walls of her space in this world.

From the unlimited unseen will come the physical & mental limitations we set.

The trust, created through love, the act which brought forth the being from the unseen, will gradually transfer it’s focus to the mind.

This process called awareness leads to distrust as we witness the frailty of human commitment.

How is it possible to return to a state of trust, a return to the heart, where all is oneness?

This process might be known as enlightenment.

Whatever it is called, it is a return to the place where this 11 month old & our own child resides!


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