Perception – Who or What do We ‘See’

How can one see both sides of the same coin at once?

“We are bound by our perceptions,” Tanh had said. “It is our faculty of perception which divides reality into birth & death, one & many, permanent & impermanent, past & present.”

Tanh had jokingly told Doan that his world of elementary particles was a world of ghosts. Now Doan understood that it was through this “world of ghosts” that he was able to see through the illusory nature of the ordinary world & grasp that the things we perceive through our senses are themselves illusions. ‘The Moon Bamboo’, Thich Nhat Hanh.

I continued my search for answers to the power of perception & ran across this 20 minute video. Watch with caution, you may lose your self:

So if reality comes from within, what might I want to ‘see’ in a new world?

“A true social compact for our times starts from the principle that each individual should have the basic right to develop and utilize his or her creative talents fully – in ways that generate a livelihood for the individual and foster productivity for society as a whole.” ‘The Great Reset’, Richard Florida

Is Richard’s idea worth considering?

What matters?


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