Mother Earth Who Births Us

Ina has always said that the most important thing she ever did was raise children.

We were all once children. We each grew through unique circumstances which formed our opinions & created who we are today.

We live & have grown in a consumerist society. How has that formed our view of the world & what might it’s outcome be to the next seven generations of our children & grandchildren?

Corporations were created, in our consumer society, to allow individuals to act with limited liability while creating wealth in monetary terms. This shield has led to significant consequences. Corporations were given significant rights, similar to a human being. However, those corporations are run by individuals who are not always held responsible for their collective actions in pursuit of a single bottom line for their shareholders. How does a triple bottom line culture come into being & is it important to our grandchildren?

In the book ‘Child Honouring: How to turn this world around’, Raffi Cavoukian, Sharna Olfman, Editors, there is a article by Joel Bakan entitled ‘Kids & the Corporation’: “Corporations are required, by law, to make decisions & take actions, including ones that may destroy nature & exploit people, solely on the basis of what is in their(and their shareholder’s) best interests. From this pathologically self-serving vantage point, children are either invisible – their unique vulnerabilities ignored (unless strategic concerns, such as public relations or potential legal liabilities, make it necessary to consider them, or at least pretend to) – or exploitable, as potential consumers or cheap workers. Despite the Corporation’s dangerous character we as a society are giving it greater powers & freedoms.”

The fellow who has published the above book & pursued child honouring internationally, lives here in the Salish Sea & has recently spoken at a local TedX symposium. It might be worth taking the next 15 minutes to listen to Raffi:

If there was anything that you heard on Raffi’s video about child honouring, that made you want to learn more, go to:

There is that original child within each of us that sprang from Mother Earth through our parents. The spiritual light that emanates our physical being is still there, although possibly dimmed by the concerns of everyday issues.

How is it possible to get that light to shine bright each & every day?

Practice love, particularly for our children & Mother Nature.


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