Life’s Third Act

As you know, we at Greenangels are quite intrigued by the possibilities involved in the concept of our life being split into three parts, ‘30 years for learning, 30 for earning, & 30 for returning’.

Many of you will be moving up on or involved in that third 30 life category, so if you have 10 minutes, would you please stop now & listen to Jane Fonda’s thoughts on this period. She is talking to women but I think her words are worthwhile for all of us. After you hear what she has to say, I would like to make some connections to the Gandhian 3-30 approach.

Jane talks about the wisdom we inherit by the reflection on life’s experiences. The question I have is, how do we take that wisdom & make a difference in the world that we leave to our grandchildren?

Is it possible that we could actually teach our young people a different way for them to get to their third 30, rather than just maintain the status quo?

Do we need to wait until our third 30 before returning becomes an active lifestyle?

Young people start out idealistically & then we mold them through our viewpoints, as Jane says. However, we also use our educational system to teach them the structure we used to cover our earning years, those years where lack was predominate or the need for more, consumption. What we learned & have practiced we now realize is unsustainable & that we are all interconnected.

Just as Jane says we could use a staircase example rather than the bell shape to life aging, I would like to suggest that we could incorporate the three stages of life into a blended model.

What would be wrong with learning, earning, & returning, as a lifelong lifestyle?

Could that be one definition of sustainability?

Could that put spiritual growth, or wisdom in action, as a priority from day one?

Wouldn’t that give credence to the imagination of children, making us a little more careful before teaching them the ‘truth’ as we believe we understand it?

Might it lead us to give greater respect to innate knowledge, rather than waiting to our third 30 before beginning to learn how to trust our instincts?

Who or what delivers those inner voices or intuitions to us & why should we trust them?

Does it matter that we find out where they come from before we believe what we know instinctively?

Might these questions be touching on the very essence of life?

Might the answers to these questions be the real reason we are here, our purpose?


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