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path_woods_hole_maLife’s Path

You’ve heard the saying ‘Walk the straight and narrow’

Life’s pathway to heaven, straight as an arrow,

But I’ve never walked a road like that,

A road with no wrinkles, smooth and flat.


I’ve run and stumbled, and crawled on all fours,

I’ve taken the detours and knocked on the doors,

No one home. So I’d leave and try again.

Walking out through snow and the wind and rain.


Stubbing toes on my fears, falling over my sorrow,

With hope that the path might be gentler tomorrow.

There were times when the sun would pierce through the clouds,

With a singular light and I’d see through the shrouds


A glimpse of a valley ablaze with delight,

Wild flowers, green grass, a glorious sight.

There I’d rest, so my heart could absorb and renew,

And soak in the yellows, the reds and the blue.


The path hasn’t always been crooked and rough,

It’s not always rocky, it’s not always tough.


Sometimes the trail has gone round a bend,

And I’d bump into love or see a good friend,

I’d be reminded to stop, feel and  see,

Close my eyes and rewind this great journey.


I can only push forward, and never go back,

If I turn around to search for the lack

Or the loss or the laughter, the joy and the pain

I remember I must go on again.


The road’s seldom straight, why should I expect it?

My path is my own and I must not reject it.

I can choose where I wander, and choose how I walk,

I can alter my outlook and change how I talk,


Though the road has seldom been straight and narrow

And my walk surely never is straight as an arrow,

I wouldn’t want life to stop flowing around me,

And I’d like to be there when it’s finally found me.




























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