December and January Letters

December 10/11 – Hi Jane,

We finally left Freetown today. My mother travel backed back to the village about a week ago and Daniel also travel to Bo yesterday . So there was nobody to bid me fare well. As we were about to move several questions came to mind.

1. Are we going to come one day and meet with all the family members alive?
2. Is the 2012 National Election going to be peaceful?
3. Will God provide us a good leader in the 2012 election that will help to minimize the suffering of our people?
4.I also thought of those that are still sick and did not get this wonderful opportunity . I then asked myself a question, when will they get hope and healing?,br> 5. I also thought of my other friends who were also Day workers like me on the ship for the 9 month of the outreach in Freetown, then I finally asked my self a question. How soon are they going to secure another job? Etc,etc

It is my hope that God will answer all these challenging questions for my People. I almost cried when I saw George,s father biding him fare well on dock.

Regards, Frank


From: George Brima Jah
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 14:10:06 +0000 (GMT)
ReplyTo: George Brima Jah

Dear David,

Sorry for the long silence in communication due to lack of internet facilities. I am happy to tell you that we are now on board the Africa Mercy as crews and its’ all because of you and all the others who generously have contributed time,effort,and money to help us. We really appreciate every thing you have done to help us achieve our dreams of becoming successful people. We thank GOD for this one big step to our goal.



Subject: Thank you note
Date: 2011-12-06 14:02
From: frank seibure
To: David Howe

Dear David,

I don’t think we would have ever thought of become a crew member for Mercy ships without your candid support and other financials. We are really grateful to all those who have contributed and to also those who are still donating to this course.
We highly appreciate the effort you are marking to help us realize our dreams of becoming useful people in society. God will surely continue to elevate you and all those who have meaningfully contributed to this noble venture.




Annual Fees to support George and Frank as Crew Members on the African Mercy:
African crew member fees:$167.50 US per month x 2 x 12 = $4.020.00
Insurance approx: $50.00 per month x 2 x 12= $1,200.00
Personal expenses: $30.00 per month x 2 x 12= $720.00
Total for two per year is $5940.00

If you would be interested and able to support them in this desire, you may donate to Jane McIntosh’s account or you can call Mercy Ships at 1-866-900-7447 or mail a cheque to: Mercy Ships Canada Unit 5- 1318 Oak St., Victoria BC V8X 1R1. All donations are tax deductable.

Your donation, along with funds raised by the Pender Island chopping team will support George and Frank in reaching their goals. Many thanks for your heartfelt consideration.


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