A Birthday, a Wedding & a Burial

This weekend life & death were swirling around.

We went to Victoria to celebrate Ina’s birthday & my nephew, Mike’s wedding.

Whitney Houston’s funeral was On all the television stations.

There were 195 people at the wedding with numerous new born babies in attendance. It’s amazing how expressive those little ones can be.

The energy generated in that crowd heated up the cold hall. I thought about all the energy that becomes the creative nature of those little ones, as time moves on. I was thinking about the energy that is expended before wisdom is acquired. Why can’t we short circuit that system?

Listening to the Whitney eulogies, I heard that she was one of the most amazing individuals that this planet has spawned. Hopefully, those were the same things everyone said to her while she was alive. I didn’t hear a negative word.

Could we possibly ‘see’ that positive side of our fellow human beings while here on earth? Whitney’s creativity was something she was able to express in song, why did drugs take her at such a young age?

I thought, is there a spiritual thread that runs through the ups & downs of our physical world?

If so, what if we connected with that thread, could life on this planet be smoother, friendlier, more peaceful?

If so, might we take a more compassionate approach to our environment & the children of all species?

Oh, if we had it to do over again, what might I do differently? Well each year we have a new birthday & the opportunity to start anew.

There is always time.


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